INBOX CREATIVE projects for:

  • Production of research-based programmers/Reality shows
  • Recording of spiritual discourses, musical-evening, product launch, etc events
  • Live telecast of international and domestic events
  • Post-production editing and packaging
  • Event management
  • Advertisement jingles

Pre-production Services

Have an idea for a video but not sure how to get started?   In Box Productions is here to help!  Our pre-production or conceptual services include scripting, storyboarding, location research, set arrangements, prop arrangements, actor arrangements, and audio and video recording.


The script is perhaps the most important link between the original concept and the final product. It outlines the content and defines the elements needed for a well-organized, professional production. There is no standard template for video production scripts -- they vary from precise, word for word documents to brief sketches of dialogue and actions.

At inBox Productions, our scripting team analyzes your goals, the talent being used, and the messages to be conveyed, and creates the best possible script for your production!  Be sure to contact us for more information.


Created during pre-production and used throughout production and post-production, the storyboard is essential to everyone involved in a project. By highlighting camera angles, lighting, sound, and actor and prop arrangements, the storyboard provides a true sense for how a story should be told.

At inBox Productions, we'll help you create the most appropriate storyboard for your production one that your director, camera crew and actors can all understand and work from. The end result will be a first-class, top-quality production that not only meets your original goals, but also exceeds your highest expectations!

Audio & Video Recording

  • Are you creating a music video, commercial, documentary or feature presentation?
  • Who is delivering your message?
  • What equipment do you need?

The answers to these, and many similar questions, help determine the components necessary for a successful audio or video recording session. Whatever your particular answers may be, be sure to contact In Box Productions. We have the right people and the best equipment available to help record your audio or video message!

Location, Set, Prop and Actor Arrangements You have the ideas and the vision and Paradise Media Productions will help you bring them to life! The better prepared we are during pre-production, the more equipped we will be to shoot and edit your video.

In addition to our scripting, storyboarding and recording capabilities, we can help determine where filming should take place, what the set should look like, what props should be used and what talent should be selected. We’ll listen to details, create a production schedule, and make all the arrangements necessary to achieve the results you seek!

In Box Productions is an offshore video production company located in Bangalore. We specialize in the pre and post production of high definition videos, as well as broadcast quality commercials, documentaries and feature presentations. We use state of the art technology, including the latest Apple editing base.


Where your project really comes together! You can count on In Box Productions to help you produce sharp, clear, top-quality techniques and outputs, rough cut output, pre-production output and post production output. See the In Box Productions 30 sec. commercial

You may need the latest QuickTime (7.1.6) version to see this commercial! Download for Mac or Windows Here!

ProHD_pmp Our post-production capabilities include digital-environment editing on Apple’s latest technology: Mac Pro, Final Cut Studio Pro and Shake. We deliver content on CD, DVD, Betacam, and media streaming in all industry formats.